About Us

Robert and Barbra Walling are life-long pet lovers who have always dreamed of opening their own business. They knew they wanted to become involved with a business that shared their strong values and put pet health and safety above everything else. As they began researching healthy products for their own pets, they came across a new business in Massachusetts called The Heathy Animal.

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It’s founder, Diane Dewberry, realized that most of today’s top selling brands weren’t the healthiest choices to feed her own pets. She began researching smaller US companies that manufactured healthy and wholesome food, treats, supplements and remedies.  She gave these new products to her own pets and saw a dramatic difference in their energy, stamina, coats and overall health. Eventually she opened her own store where she could sell these products and educate her customers on pet nutrition. Fifteen years later, she decided to franchise her amazing business with the help of her friends, and customers, Larry Friedman and Lindsey Doherty. Once Robert and Barbra met Diane, they knew that they wanted to bring this incredible business to New Jersey. On January 25, 2020, they opened the first New Jersey store, The Healthy Animal of Robbinsville.

The Healthy Animal is committed to pet nutrition and wellness. They sell healthy, natural and holistic food, treats, supplements and toys to enhance the lives of dogs and cats.